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About Us

HR Kapital Solutions (HR Kapital) is a Strategic Consulting and Training company established in 2013. We deliver Strategic Human Resource Consulting Services to companies including the start-ups, small and mid-market companies across all industries. We also specialize in Corporate Training as well as Life Skills, Soft Skills, Employability Skills, Business Communications and Behavioral Training for Individuals including Students and professionals across levels.

We partner with our clients to provide the right mix of HR strategic solutions, enabling them to become a high performance business. With our cost-effective solutions and client oriented approach, we commit to develop and deliver comprehensive and valuable HR solutions and strategies which enable the business prosper.

As a Coach, we will not only guide you to learn what the employers expect in today’s world of work–the skills, flexibility, and knowledge that are crucial for success in the contemporary workplace but also all the other aspects which will help to develop your confidence and overall personality.

Human Capital is the best source of competitive advantage for your company as the companies with the best talent always win. As a strategic partner and coach, we will assist you in a very systematic way to find, nurture, develop and grow your Human Capital which will help both your company and its employees to reach envisaged heights.

Who Are We?

HR Kapital is a team of professionals that has a perfect blend of senior expertise and young enthusiastic minds. We know that the Human Resources are the most valuable assets to the company. As dedicated HR professionals, we aim to optimize the worth of human capital you have.

We bridge the gap between the organization and its employees. We also bridge the “soft skill gaps” in professionals and industry expectations.

Thoroughly professional at heart, we are a hard-working and dedicated team who believes in integrity and outworking to outperform. We are committed to foster learning and growth for all those who are associated with us – our clients, students and professionals and our employees.

Our Mission

To be strategic partner to our clients and deliver them value-added and sustainable HR solutions & strategies which will enable them to grow, prosper and succeed. We also commit to be a Coach to the students and professionals and deliver them the skills and knowledge that bridge their skill-gap and increase their on-the-job productivity. We are committed to foster learning and growth of our employees.

Our Vision

To be recognized and respected as an elite, professional and trusted company, in HR Consulting and Training Industry, offering unmatched quality service to our clients and stakeholders and to be the employer of choice.

Our Core Values


We respect and value diversity of race, gender, background, thoughts, interest and ideas.


We are honest, open, ethical and fair in our professional and personal work in all our actions at all times.

Customer Focused

Our ability to understand our clients problems help us to deliver the exact solution that they are looking for.


We are dedicated to service excellence to our clients and stakeholders. We also are dedicated towards the growth of our employees.

Lead By Example

We ensure we as leaders “Walk the Walk” to inspire our employees and everyone associated with us to push themselves to achieve their goals.

Work-Life Balance

We have a work environment that promotes healthy lifestyles and gives serious attention to family work balance for employees.

Continuous Improvement

We aim at continuous improvement, up-skill and re-skill ourselves to scale up to the next level which keeps us updated with the latest market trends and add value to our work, thereby helping our clients and employees to have an competitive edge.

Creating Impact

of our clients give us repeat business
of our Clients are those whom we have been recommended
of our happy Participants have recommended us to others
Efforts & Dedication is what we at give our Clients and Participants to accomplish their goals

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